About Me

Hello, my name is Shawn Sirmans.

I created my blade sharpening business out of love and passion for knives. I became fascinated with knives at a very young age, while learning how to sharpen them in my father’s machine shop. Most of my life, family members and friends would ask to use my own knife to cut something, probably because they forgot or lost theirs, but most likely because theirs was too blunt. As more and more people shared with me their own sharpening techniques, I realized that not one sharpening style was better than the other, and that every knife required a different sharpening approach. Through trial and error, I continued to improve my sharpening skills and to gain experience.

The knife was man’s first tool, a constant companion through the ages. Long before we discovered fire, we’ve had knives. Through the ages, we have used knives to dress out game for cooking; to chop our foodstuff; to prepare our meals; to cut ropes, twine, and straps; to open letters, packages, cans; and to perform a myriad of other tasks. Knives have existed from the beginning of mankind for hunting and protection, but also for health, healing, and saving lives. Doctors, surgeons, and veterinarians all use knives in some form and function daily. There was even a time when you were expected to furnish your own knife at social gatherings or dinners. It’s unthinkable to consider what the world would be like today if not for the knife.

Today, most people view the knife as a sinister weapon used only for nefarious acts against our fellow man. This is the only portrayal that a knife is shown in the ridiculously fake Hollywood movies. There were times when most people who used a knife had some rudimentary knowledge of how to sharpen it, they understood the importance of cleaning it and how to care for their knife. Today very few understand how to sharpen and even less know basic knife cleaning and care. For me the knife is a daily essential tool. I would not go out without my knife no more than I would go out without my pants on. Each knife, regardless of cost or quality, is a piece of art to me, born out of someone’s imagination or out of necessity and passionately engineered and crafted for our use and enjoyment.

Like our cars, our knives need occasional cleaning, care, and servicing. I hope that you will allow me to care for your blades, that they will bring you years of service and enjoyment. I am grateful to each of my current clients who trust me with their knife’s care and maintenance.

The Blade Keeper ~ 3850 Nicole Lane ~ Valdosta, Ga. ~ 229-444-8812

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